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January 5, 2016

Shameless Marketing – Part Deux – The Teaser

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had a very merry and a happy and healthy New Year!

Since it’s a brand new year I thought I would dive right in for more shameless marketing. Why not? Today’s topic of shameless promotion is the teaser poster. I am an incurable movie addict and I love movie posters. They run a close second to the movie trailer, which to me is almost as important as the movie itself. Seriously.

I think a good movie poster generates curiosity


or makes you laugh out loud

ron burgundy

or gives you the chills


or makes you smile as if you’re reconnecting with an old friend

indiana jones

or any combination of the above


All right, I admit it. I just wanted to add a picture of Chris Hemsworth. No judgement people, okay?

But anyway…

So I decided for my next installment of shameless marketing, why shouldn’t book 2 of The Fixer series, The Killing Kind, have its own teaser? Something that says, “This is book is fun.” No, strike that. “This book is damn fun. But it’s not all fun. It can be a little dark and more than a little dangerous. But this is something you should check out. Seriously seriously.”

And it you haven’t read Book 1 yet, The Fixer: The Naked Man, then you should definitely click the link and head over to Amazon and pick up a copy for only $2.99 on Kindle! (Did you see how I did that? I slipped that right in there. Shameless!)

Anyway… here it is… the big reveal… the very first teaser poster for Book 2 of The Fixer series, The Killing Kind…

The Fixer The Killing Kind Teaser 1

Ta-da!!! 🙂

I have to get back to working on edits now – and eating chocolate. It’s a package deal.  There will be more shameless marketing shortly but until then…

All the best,





December 28, 2014

The Ballad of Cheating Destiny

Happy Holidays to everyone! While the edits continue for The Fixer: The Naked Man and the writing of The Fixer: Untitled Book 2 moves along, I’ve been thinking about another story I wrote.

All writers suffer from the same sickness: we love our work. We think about it, obsess over it, get attached to it, and if we could we’d read it a bedtime story and kiss its forehead before going night-night. Okay, not that last part, but you get the point. It was Faulkner who said, “In writing, you must kill all your darlings,” and it is something both cruel and necessary at the same time. One of the most difficult things to do is identify what is wrong with the work and have the courage to rip it apart in order to put it back together and make it better.

So, why tell you all of this? Some of you may know I wrote a screenplay, Cheating Destiny. Here’s the synopsis:


World weary NY thief, WILL BARCLAY, is getting out of the business. After one last job for a take of diamonds, he double crosses the crew, his sociopathic partner, and their handler – a corrupt cop – and goes on the run with the precious stones. Saddled with newbie criminal and annoying Mensa level safecracker, BRIAN GRAHAM, Will makes his way to little La Beaute, South Carolina, to meet a flying fence and exchange the stones for the cash.

Upon arrival, the boys quickly find themselves stranded with no car, no fence, and no options. Will wants a low profile but Brian gets his Scorsese on and jumps right in with a group of local college indie filmmakers that includes TAMMI, daughter of the La Beaute Chief of Police. Meanwhile Will fights his attraction to local Bed and Breakfast owner, DESTINY.  Will tries to stay cold but Destiny’s charms quickly warm him up and he falls hard for her.

Will and Brian hatch a plan to stop running and stay in La Beaute.  But they may have no choice as the corrupt cop, the FBI, and two hit men find their way to La Beaute with one goal in mind: take back the diamonds and take Will and Brian out. When Will’s ex-partner arrives and takes Destiny hostage, Will must make one last stand against his past to save Destiny’s life, and his own.


I am hideously attached to this story. There’s something about it. Maybe it’s the characters, or the plot, or the fact that the seed idea of the opening sequence began as a tribute to Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs? Maybe it’s because I started off as a screenwriter before switching to novels.  Who knows? After it was done, I wrote query letters, sent submissions, wrote more query letters, and sent more submissions. I waited and hoped and wondered. No luck. What can you do?

Like all writers everywhere, my dream is for my writing to be read (and in this case, to be lucky enough for the writing to be seen on film). I even tried the experiment of posting to Twitter; it was interesting, but I’m not sure readers get the full experience in 120 characters or less at a time.

Did I kill all my darlings as I wrote this story? I hope so, but probably not. Do I want as many people as possible to read this? Oh, yes I do. Why? Because I’m a writer. I write therefore I am. And I never give up hope that a reader will see in a story everything that I see, and more.

So please feel free to visit my website at http://www.jillamyrosenblatt.com and at the top left corner, you will find the pdf for Cheating Destiny. I hope you will enjoy it. Please feel free to send constructive comments and feedback. I like hearing from readers!

There will be more The Fixer updates shortly. Look for a character profile of Katerina Mills coming soon!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year.





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