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May 1, 2010

On Summer Reading

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“On this Sunday morning in May, this girl who later was to be the cause of a sensation in New York, awoke much too early for her night before.” John O’Hara, first sentence of  Butterfield 8

A package arrived for me yesterday from Amazon. I’m one of those people that haunts the Amazon marketplaces. I come across an article on the internet about a book and ‘click’ – I’m on Amazon checking it out.  Occasionally I get packages and it takes me a minute to remember I ordered something.  For my inner four year old, that creates an extra surprise – which book did I get? Yesterday’s package was an old copy of John O’Hara’s Butterfield 8. I took a minute to examine the worn little pocketbook that smelled of age, basements and mold. The back cover has pictures of Elizabeth Taylor. That’s how I came to Butterfield 8. I had always known it was a movie, and a good one, I’ve heard. I had no idea it was a book. I knew of John O’Hara as my mother always mentions his short stories fondly, commenting how wonderful they are. And with a ‘click’ – I was on Amazon.

As a writer, I fully and freely admit that I am an impatient and reckless reader. I need to work on that.  I’m a “first sentence” kind of person. That first sentence has to grab me, get hold of me, and dig in with an iron grip that makes me want to keep going. I find this ironic especially since my writing style is one of slow starts and strong finishes.

When I heard the weather report for this weekend, I was so happy at the thought of sitting outside with my copy of Butterfield 8 and whiling away some time getting lost in a great story. I always get excited as summertime approaches. It’s not just the packing away of all things corduroy and down filled, putting the shovels and ice scrapers out of sight and mind. A new summer means a new summer reading list, and a chance to discover new authors, new stories.  That’s the wonderful thing, I think, about books. A book never goes out of style. When my first book came out, I fretted that there was only a narrow window to introduce Project Jennifer and then it would be “too late.” Not so. Every day someone can discover my book just as I discover other authors. It’s never too late.

As a reader, I like to mix it up: mystery, drama, comedy, books written by men and women. I am constantly amazed, pleased, and in awe of the skills and abilities of so many writers to weave fantastic stories. It spurs me on to continue working at my craft, always striving to be better.

And every time  I talk about books with people, I know I will discover new treasures as they share about a book I’ve never heard of.  ‘Click’. Back to Amazon.

A few of the books that have made my list for this summer are:

The California Roll – John Vorhaus

The Almost Moon – Alice Sebold

The Good Guy  – Dean Koontz (have been meaning to read this for a while)

My Husband Ran Off with the Nanny and God Do I Miss Her – Tracy Davis

My list is small for now, but I’m working on it. Please feel free to comment with your recommendations for summer reading. I would love suggestions!

Wishing everyone a happy summer!



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  1. I just came across this and it has been a very, very bad day. Therefore, when I saw my novel “MY HUSBAND RAN OFF WITH THE NANNY AND GOD DO I MISS HER” it made all the weird things of the day disappear. Thank you! I’m licking Amazon and buying your book tonight, whoever you are, thank you. xoxoxoxoxoxo Tracy Davis (If you haven’t read it I hope you love it!!) let me know (I can’t understand my website just at my email tdjski@aol.com

    Comment by tracy davis — June 8, 2010 @ 4:59 am | Reply

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