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April 18, 2010

Welcome to my world!

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Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog and now it’s here. I think I held off for a while because while my own thoughts might seem interesting to me, I did wonder if I shared them would someone read them and think “Who’s this moron?” And that thought was upsetting to me.

For anyone visiting me for the first time, I am the author of Project Jennifer and For Better or Worse. If you haven’t read my books, you should. I say that because, well, I’m the author, what else should I say? Don’t read my books? Seriously, if you will forgive me a moment of shameless marketing, they’re fun, they’re fast, and people who aren’t my relatives have told me they like them. Okay, moment of shameless marketing is now done.

I’m writing a new book called Deciphering Bella and I’ll be posting to this blog all during the writing process. For Better or Worse was completely different from Project Jennifer and Deciphering Bella is completely different from the first two books. I am finding writing “Bella” interesting, scary, different, and exciting. Not all at the same time. So, I will be posting about the writing process, the highs and lows of writing a first draft. I can promise you there will be some weeping and gnashing of teeth so do tune in for that. This being my third novel, you would think it gets easier. It doesn’t. Each book brings its own challenges and Bella is no different. I sometimes wonder if authors don’t choose the book they will write, the book, or rather the characters, choose them. In any case, I am quite attached to Bella and her husband so I will be writing their story.

Occasionally, I also see and hear things that make me go “hunh?” and I will share about those things as well. “I’m just saying…” turned out to be one of those phrases I use a lot. Like the phrase “you know” only I don’t use “you know” I use “I’m just saying.” You know?

So I hope you will come with me on this journey to creating Deciphering Bella. I wish you a warm welcome to my world. There will be many late nights, cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, and tons of infomercial watching.

A thought did just occur to me. Dorothy Parker said “I hate writing. I love having written.”  If writers would rather do anything than be writing their books, could this blog be just another way to avoid writing my book? Hmmm…

Please visit me again…



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  1. Who’s this moron?

    Joking! I look forward to following your progress 🙂

    Comment by courtneykane — April 29, 2010 @ 4:21 am | Reply

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